October stuff

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October was proper mint and good, I did loads of stuff. Here’s some of it….

I finally got to announce that I’ve mixed the next Fabric Live CD. Click the pic below for more info..

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I made a video for my tune called Bounce and its got Da Kween in it

Me and Strats played at Tuesday Club in Sheffield and it was top, check out the vid here

I produced Deepos new single alongside Bricky Mortar. It’s called “It’s Ours” and it’s free to download. We made a video for it an all. Have a look at this…

Crisp of the month was these mental things I got when I was in Bratislava. They were some tomato puree, paprika and oregano gear. Oof.

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Me and Strats had our Well good do in Manchester with General Levy. Click below to have a look at some of the pics..

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We also played in Leamington Spa, Oxford, Bratislava, Liverpool, Caen, Nottingham, Cambridge and Warehouse project in Manchester. They were all a right buzz

Next month I will be doing other stuff and I’ll tell you about it with exciting words and pictures